ABOUT the layout space. CONSTRUCTION.
The "Carriage House" on the right has had to be completely gutted. The insulation and wiring are all new, new drywall is going in, new lighting and a new foundation around the base. We are currently adding 200 square feet to the first floor in place of the two garage doors. There will be a deck above that and the window will be replaced with a door.
The barn on the left will be moved only a few inches from the main building when the foundation work and painting are completed.

Out back we have built a wonderful deck, with a Cascade Mountain view, and new stairs up to the crew lounge. The crew lounge is really starting to take shape. PIX soon.

The concrete floor in the carriage house had broken all around the base of the walls. So we jacked it up and poured a new foundation with rebar and real concrete.(The original foundation was pourous and full of river stones! no wonder it fell apart!) This project is nearly complete on the whole building. When finished we will add the 200 Sq. Ft. addition to the front of the building, then start insulating and drywalling. The foundation for the new addition is already being poured! I hope to be onto benchwork and tracklaying by mid fall.
K.C, who is not YET a model railroader, but has potential for corruption to the hobby, adds drainage gravel to the bottom of the new foundation form. We are adding 200 sqaure feet to the front of the building. First we will pour the edges to support the building, then pour the flooring pad.
The Staging yard Room and Butte line will be in the annex / barn next to the garage. As soon as the foundation work is complete, we will shove the barn into place, insulate and drywall it, install the outlets and heating.
I intend to have the yards completely running and the Butte line ready to play with before the rest of the layout. We will be able to work and play with trains in the barn long before the trains can run on the main layout. This space is nearly ready for layout construction now. One of the crew finishes up the barn's paint. Note the new foundation ready for concrete.
K.C. almost looks like he's ready to shovel coal into a firebox. Oh well. He can shovel concrete if that gets the job done.
This is the Agitator....of the poured concrete! It is important to force bubbles out of the concrete and to pack it into the nooks and crannies of the forms. Jenn is a good agitator...of the concrete.
Yep, that's me setting J-bolt foundation pins into the fresh crete. The walls will be attached to the new foundation with these bolts.
MORE pictures to come soon.
PLEASE feel free to get in touch to head out trackside or to come visit for train night.
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